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Using the Fretboard Help Page


After configuring the metadata, color scheme, and symbols associated with your fretboard, you can begin using it to add or remove notes. This guide provides instructions on how to interact with the fretboard effectively.

Adding and Removing Notes

Single-Click Interaction

  • Adding Notes: Simply click on the fretboard at the desired location to add a note.
  • Removing Notes: If you click on a previously added note, it will be removed from the fretboard.

Note Persistence

  • Color Scheme: Your selected color scheme remains consistent unless you decide to change it.
  • Symbols: The symbols you choose for the notes also remain constant unless modified.

Notes Button Functionality

Dynamic Note Display

  • Notes Button: When activated, notes will be displayed on every fret.
  • Dynamic Notes: The displayed notes change based on the location where you click on the fretboard, adhering to the selected tuning and string settings.


Using the fretboard is a straightforward process that allows you to interact with it easily. By clicking to add or remove notes and understanding the behavior of the Notes button, you can create and modify fretboard diagrams tailored to your preferences. Remember that your color scheme and selected symbols will persist unless you decide to make changes.