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Tuning Control Help Page


The Tuning Control feature enables you to customize the tuning for each string on your instrument's fretboard. This guide provides an overview of how to use the Tuning Control effectively.

Setting the Tune

Frequency and Note Selection

  • Frequency Setting: Adjust the tuning for each string by selecting the desired note from the chromatic scale.
  • String Selection: Each string is represented with a combo box that allows you to choose its tuning note.

Note Visibility

  • Show Nut Notes: Decide whether to display the tuning notes on the nut or keep it blank.
  • Note Importance: Correctly setting the notes is crucial, especially if you plan to use the feature that automatically shows notes when clicking on markers.

Applying and Saving Settings

  • Save Changes: After adjusting the tuning settings, remember to click the Save button to apply the changes.
  • Note Visibility: The saved settings will determine whether the tuning notes are displayed on the nut and affect the auto-show notes feature on the fretboard.


The Tuning Control feature offers a straightforward way to set the tuning for each string on your instrument's fretboard. By selecting the appropriate notes and saving the settings, you can ensure that the fretboard displays the correct tuning information for your instrument.