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How to Cut, Copy and Paste a Musical Phrase

I had received an email asking if it was possible to copy or record of a musical phrase, or a section of tablature in the tablature they were writing, and then be able to reuse it, specifically paste it, so that it can repeat it without having to duplicate the musical phrase. Obviously this would speed up writing your tab and save some time. That is a feature that's found in the advanced editor: we have cut, copy and paste available. To use it, you'll need to create an account. And when you start a new tab, or sit and existing tab, you'll present be presented with two options a standard editor, and the advanced editor. When you click on the advanced editor tab, you will see a new menu item that highlights all the different keystrokes that are available to you. We'll concentrate on combinations for cut, copy and paste, which basically amounts to using the shift in combination with the left and right arrow keys to highlight a section that you want to cut or copy, and then Ctrl X to cut Ctrl C to copy, Ctrl V to paste on a Windows computer and a Mac. Its Command X Command C and Command V. After you have composed so Guitar Tab, you can start highlighting the section you want to cut or copy by quickly pressing this shift and the left or right arrow keys. You'll notice that it highlights the tablature that you want to cut or copy in red. IF you use Command or Ctrl C you'll notice that it flashes yellow, just to let you know that it received the command. And then Iyou can move the cursor to the position you want to paste the musical phrase and quickly do a CTRL V to copy it The feature works with any of the any tablet you've written, whether that's bars or anything so a nice and simple way to regard some guitar tab, quicker and not having to repeat yourself once you've written something.