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Making Chords on Guitar Tab Creator

There are two ways that you can make chords in guitar tab creator.  The default way is to use the Chord Toolbar.  The other way is available to users who have created an account and are logged in.  Using the "advanced editor", you can create much more complex chords, and do things like chord slides, hammer on, etc.


Creating Chords using the toolbar (Standard Editor)


When you are creating chords, the three buttons allow you to do the following: you can stop creating chords, you can move to the next chord, or you can mute strings within a chord.


Once you are creating chords, you can add notes to the chord by clicking on the fretboard.  Notice that as you add notes, the chord is being created in the tab below.  when you are finished with a chord, you can press the stop reecording button to end, or you can press the next chord button to create another chord.  If you want to mute some strings in your chord, press the mute string button and any string you click on will be muted.


Here is a video on how to make chords for your guitar tab using Guitar Tab Creator. In this lesson, I go over the procedure to start making chords on the tool, how to add progressive chords to your tab, and also how to add mutes to your chords.  

The first video shows you how to create chords in you guitar tab using the "Create Chords" Toolbar:


Creating Chords with the Advanced Editor


To use the Advanced Editor, you first need to have an account with Guitar Tab Creator and be logged in.  You can learn about the advanced editor on the site, or in our videos.
Because you only need to use the keyboard, creating chords with the advanced editor is the easier and faster way to make chords.  It allows for more complex chord patterns.  While you can still use the fretboard, using the arrow keys allows you to navigate up and down the tab quickly. A popup window was added to show the keys being pressed on the keyboard.  You can also mute strings by pressing the x key.
This video shows you how to create chords using the advanced editor.  Using this method, you do not need to use the fretboard to add chords to your guitar tab.  Instead, you can use only the keyboard to navigate the tab and quickly add chords.

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