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Interactive Tab Editor

The Interactive Tab Editor now supports Arrow Navigation!  You can use the left, right, up and down keys to navigate through your tab and change, edit or delete notes using only the fretboard!  New to the advanced editor is an easier way to cut, copy and paste! To use the advanced editor, you need to create a free account and be logged in to the site. Once you are logged in, a menu will appear over the tab allowing you to choose either the standard or advanced editor.  You want to click on the advanced editor menu.

The main features are being able to write tab only using the keyboard!  You can select sections of your tablature and cut, copy and paste it.  It is also much easier to navigate your tablature using only the arrow keys.  These make writing tabs much faster.  There is also no restrictions on the tab you can create, allowing for affects such as slides or hammer ons with chords.  You navigate each stave of your tablature using the up, down, left and right arrow keys.  each position can take either a number, or one of the standard tablature affects. Because of these features, it is easier and faster to create your chords, and you are free to make more complex chord patterns. 


Cut Copy and Paste


To use the cut copy and paste feature, hold the shift button down, while you use the left and right arrows to highlight a section of the tab in red.  Once you have your selection, use control c to copy, control x to cut, and control v to paste. Use the control key for PCs and the command key for macs.


It is very easy to copy your tab to the clipboard.  When you press the "copy to clipboard" button located on the advanced editor,  a properly formatted tab will be sent to your clipboard so that you can easily paste it whereever you'd like.



Add your own text
You can also add your own text above each stave. If you would like to get rid of the default Stave Text, all you need to do is hover over the text, press click, and then enter your own text!  You can click on the help section article to learn more and watch an instructional video on how to add your own text.

Keys supports:

Navigation: Left, Right, Up , Down

Numbers: 1-0

Keys: h = half step,b = bend,p = pull up,r = release,\ and / = slides,v = vibrato ,| = bar , space =rest

Editing: del (or alt-del on mac/chromebook) = delete


hold the SHIFT key down and use the left and right arrow keys

These are for cut copy and paste


Copy: CTRL-C

Paste: CTRL-V

Please watch the video that details how to use the advanced editor in guitar tab creator:

We have also put together a video of how to use the advanced editor to create chords.  Using this tool, you can create chord patterns that are not possible in the standard editor.



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