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End of the Year: Guitar Tab Creator Gets Some New Features

As the end of the year approaches, I am excited to share some exciting new features coming to the Guitar Tab Creator! With these new updates, you can now create professional-level guitar tablature faster than ever before. I have worked hard to make sure the Guitar Tab Creator is one of the most user-friendly and powerful tools for creating guitar tablature. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the new features that have been added to the Guitar Tab Creator. We think you’ll be excited to see what’s in store!

Overview of new features
We upgraded pretty much the entire site:  starting with the core software, for the nerdy stuff, we are using the latest version of drupal and PHP. For the custom tab player, we've upgraded all of the UI components and fixed so issues with the data.  You may have noticed that there are some improvements to the User Interface:  The User Profile page has a better layout, the menus are upgraded and share a better color scheme, and the sites work better in mobile.  I also fixed the print functionality.

The Tab Viewer is using the latest version of OpenSheetMusic, and they have added a feature that allows for bass tabs to be displayed with the correct number of strings.  The responsive mobile design was updated, allowing for interactive tabs to be beautifully displayed on your mobile phone or ipad.

 This upgrade also includes some really cool music tools, such as the tab tempo control, which allows you to adjust the playback speed of the tab to help you better practice the music. We also added a fretboard view, which gives you a better visual representation of the tab you're playing. These features make it much easier to write guitar tabs and understand music theory.

How to use the new features
The biggest changes will come using the new player on your phone.  You can play back, change the tempo, show a fretboard that follows along with the music.  There is a link to the player at the top of the tablature page. With the new player, you can more easily learn how to play guitar. You can also use the player to explore different rhythms and beats. If you are an instructor or TikTok musician, you can use the guitar tab creator to generate interactive content for your followers. You can create educational videos or post a snippet of the song with an interactive guitar tab. This is a great way to engage with your audience and give them something unique to explore.

mobile view of guitar tab

What this means for guitar players
We have simple tools that allow you to write clean guitar tablature and save the content.  If you are a premium member, you get additional features like being able to keep your tabs unpublished.  Allowing your friends and fans to see your guitar tabs in the cool tools provided on the site will help them learn your music. With the recent end of the year updates, guitar tab creator makes writing guitar tabs easier than ever. You can easily input chords, notes, and solos directly into the tab editor and see the results as you type. You can also customize the look and feel with different colors and fonts. This is great for musicians who are looking to share their music with their friends and fans and make it easier for them to learn. Writing guitar tabs can be easy and Guitar Tab Creator is the best place to do it.